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Sofa 2 places Chesterfield

The Chesterfield Armchair and Couch! English Elegance. Authentic and decorative furniture for your living room.

How can one recognize an authentic Chesterfield? By its upholstery. Each fold is sown by hand, leaving us in the presence of upscale and iconic pieces of furniture. Choose from 7 possible colours of sheepskin leather, polished and finished by hand.

We offer 2-seater and 3-seater Chesterfield sofas. Customized lengths are available upon request.

Full-grain leather (sheepskin) – Natural look – Finished by hand – Hand-made – European Quality

Model featured in the photo: Rustique

Each model is unique due to being hand-crafted from genuine leather.


  • Leather: Full-grain sheepskin leather
  • Legs: Stained
  • Frame: burlap, zig-zag springs, 30kg / m3 foam, fiber filling.
  • Seat: burlap, zig-zag springs
  • Armrest: burlap, double cone springs, cotton filling, foam.
  • Cushion: hollow silicone fibre
  • Weight: approximately 70 kg


First use: wipe the sofa with a soft, dry cloth before sitting on it for the first time.

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